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Is your precious PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 on the fritz? Can’t get your Xbox One or new Xbox Series X to load up properly so you can own your buddies at the latest Call of Duty? Did your child chuck their new Nintendo Switch at the wall and damage the display? Maxed out your internal console hard drive space with games or damaged your HDMI port? We can help you with all sorts of video game console repairs, even ones that aren’t necessarily repairs. We service a variety of video game consoles, including legacy consoles such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

HDMI Port Repair, and Other Part Replacement

Video game consoles have a rough life. They sit on a shelf and are expected to run at hours or even days at a time at full capacity of their processors. This can mean that overheating is imminent, and thus why fans were installed in your video game console. Sometimes fans can jam up, break, or just stop working. We can replace the fans in your video game console to keep it from overheating and shutting down.

On top of this, sometimes we bring our consoles with us, and can use the ports, the HDMI port especially, a lot. This means cables going in and out of the ports constantly. We have noticed that the PlayStation 4 has particularly brittle HDMI ports, and often have issues with the ports needing to be replaced. Don’t worry – we can help! We replace the HDMI ports on many PlayStation 4 consoles and are experienced in getting your console back up and running. We also replace HDMI ports on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

HDMI Port Replacement
PlayStation 3

Console Overheating

Since your console sits on a shelf and takes in air constantly, consoles, like computers, are prone to sucking in dirt, smoke, grime, and even pet hair constantly. This can make for a very dirty console, which can cause overheating in components. If you believe your video game console is running too hot, but your fans are still running, you may need a console cleaning.

Light of Death

Various consoles have their own “light of death” to indicate a problem with the console. Xbox 360 has a red ring of death (RRoD), and PlayStation 3 has the yellow light of death (YLoD), PlayStation 4 has blue light of death (BLoD), and possibly even others. These “lights of death” can indicate problems with your console that you may not be able to tackle yourself. We can help! Whether your console is a legacy console like Xbox 360 or a next-gen console like PlayStation 3, we have experience troubleshooting and fixing these light errors.

Red Ring of Death
Xbox One

No Power / Random Shutdown

Nothing’s worse than investing a bunch of time into a long or complicated campaign on a video game just to have your console randomly shut down on you before you can save your progress. Random shutdowns, lack of power, or other console power issues can be easily diagnosed by our team members and repaired for most video game console systems.

Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrades

A failed hard drive doesn’t necessarily spell disaster in today’s consoles. With most saves and profile data being saved to the cloud, a failed hard drive in a next-gen console can be easily replaced. Still, one of the most frustrating things about today’s video games and video game consoles is the ever increasing size of video games. Recent AAA titles can top upwards of 100 gigs of space – not even including any day one patches or other updates! Running out of space on the pre-fitted 500 GB included hard drive is a common issue in most consoles. We can help you double or even triple your storage space in your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One so you won’t have to worry about deleting your favorite games just to play a new one.

Hard Drive Replacement
Disc Error

Game Not Reading Error

While most video games are often served via non-tangible means, many of us enjoy the use of discs or have a vast collection of games on disc for legacy consoles such as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It’s quite a hamper on your mood when you put in your favorite game into the tray or slot only to be greeted with a disc error such as a dreaded “cannot read the disc” error. Tech Center Danvers can help! We can diagnose most disc issues which can sometimes include cleaning the disc reader or replacing it entirely.


Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what’s wrong with your video game console. Whether you keep running into issues with your software, coming into contact with error codes, or experiencing frequent system crashes, it might be time to bring your video game console in for a diagnostic. We can help identify any major issues with your console, and outline a next-step approach to repairing your console so you can get back to playing.

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